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The Faithfull Tools ‘Tool Team’ are a group of trade professionals who have been selected to represent and test our hand tools and accessories.
We value their feedback and use this to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, guaranteeing they pass the test of time when used regularly by tradesmen.
Our tool team assist us in developing new products ensuring we bring industry leading products to the market specifically designed for the trade professional.

Quality products manufactured to tradesmen’s standards at competitive prices.

Stephen Childs

Stephen Childs


Experience: 17 years

Employment History

July 2007: Aged 15 and still at high school, I signed up for 2 weeks work experience at a local franchise dealer in Luton in both mechanical repair and body and paint workshops.

September 2008 to December 2008: I worked in my spare time at a local garage to gain experience in general mechanical repairs, as well as manual skills.

November 2008: I worked voluntarily for four days with Marque Cars Racing, a Formula Ford racing team, during the Walter Hayes Trophy weekend at Silverstone, generally helping out with the three cars they were running at the event.

April 14th 2009 to June 12th 2009: I worked at Lanan Racing who at that time, ran Formula Ford and Club F3 cars. I prepped the cars for race weekends or for testing sessions and helped out to run the cars at the circuits. Once back at the workshop, I carried out post-race inspections.

November 1st 2009 to January 7th 2011: My first permanent job in motor sport was with Hitech Racing. In my role as an apprentice, I worked alongside a driver test team that used Zytec engined A1 GP Cars. Later, I worked as a floating number 2 mechanic on the team's British F3 cars.

January 10th 2011 to December 1st 2011: I worked at Sino Vision Racing as a number two mechanic on the British Formula 3 car; in this role, I attended all race weekends including the Macau GP in November.

In April 2012, I joined Carlin where I worked for 3 years as a No 2 mechanic in the FIA Euro F3 formula. For the 2015 season, I transferred to MSA British F4, where I became No1 mechanic for Lando Norris – I was very pleased knowing that my car and driver won the championship that year. In 2016, I was No1 mechanic in the new British F3 championship, initially with Lando Norris, but as he was competing in other formulas that year, I also ran the car with two other drivers, both of whom also won races. The team as a whole came second in the championship in 2016.

In November 2016, I was asked by the team to travel with a colleague to their base in Florida, to assemble a new Indy-Light race car and run it at a test weekend at Indianapolis.

This year, I have been promoted to the FIA Euro F3 formula as a No1 mechanic, paired up with Lando Norris – a season I am looking forward to.

Further Education

In 2008, I was lucky enough to beat hundreds of other applicants to enrol into the National College of Motorsport at Silverstone on their Motorsport Apprenticeship Programme.

Through attending college in a combination of full time and block release sessions to fit in with the teams I worked with over this time, I eventually achieved an Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture – Craft and Technician (Automotive / Motorsport). In order to achieve the apprenticeship, I completed the following technical qualifications:

1) City and Guilds NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations

2) BTEC Level 3 National Award in Vehicle Technology (Motorsport)

3) EAL Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma - Motorsport Vehicle Technician


FAIAS10G - Compound Aviation Snips-Green Right Cut

"Very good quality, comfortable to hold sharp snips."

FAIAS10Y - Compound Aviation Snips-Yellow Straight Cut

"Very good quality, comfortable to hold sharp snips."

FAIBPH4 - Ball Pein Hammers Hickory Shaft

"Brilliant tool, does the job perfectly."

FAIBPH24FG - Ball Pein Hammers Fibreglass Shaft

"A good quality hammer, after using it for nearly a year, the end has not chipped and the rubber hasn't fallen apart."

FAICALIN4 - Calipers Inside Spring

"Feel like the real deal with these, fantastic tool."

FAICPAUTO - Automatic Centre Punch

"Nice solid centre punch, does the job very well."

FAICS58 - Carbon Countersink 16mm (5/8in)

"Mega tool. Could counter sink all day long!"

FAIES3 - Engineers Steel Try Squares

"Good quality and reasonably priced."

FAIFISET6 - File and Rasp Set - 6 Piece in Plastic Wallet

"Brilliant set of files, long lasting and extremely durable."

FAIHKS8MTBLA - 8 Piece T-Handle Ball Ended Hex Key Set in Storage Rack

"They are built to last after a year of owning them the ball end hasn't snapped or rounded."

FAIHKS13MLB - Hex Key Set of 13 - Metric Long Arm Ball End

"Save yourself money and keep the quality. A rarity when buying tools but the hex key set is just as good as Snap On but you keep £10 in your pocket."

FAIHS300P - Professional Hacksaw 300mm

"Very nice tool to use, durable saw blade is very long lasting."

FAINM38 - Nylon Hammers

"Nice weighted hammer. The durable ends can be replaced if they get damaged. Nice grip for when your hands get a bit sweaty!"

FAIPLCIREXTS - Circlip Pliers Outside Straight 6-30mm

"Very nice quality tool for every day use, can't go wrong."

FAIPLCIRINTS - Circlip Pliers Inside Straight 6-30mm

"Very good tool, doesn't slip off and ends are not made out of cheese, nice grip, does the job good!"

FAIPLLOCK9 - Locking Pliers

"Good tool, grips well and the locking system is nice and strong."

FAIPLVDESET - 3 Piece VDE Plier Set in Wallet

"Good grip, the pliers don't wear out and the cutters are still sharp."

FAIPPDIAMOND - Precision Diamond Needle File Set - 6 Piece

"Very durable strong files, very hardwearing and reasonably priced."

FAIPPSET8RHL - Long Series Pin Punch Set of 8

"High quality set of punches, you can use them with confidence."

FAIPRYSET3 - Mechanics Pry Bar Set 3 Piece 210,300,450mm

"Brilliant, strong and durable pry bar."

FAIPTASET51 - Mixed Drill Set - 51 Piece

"Wide selection of useful bits and reasonably priced."

FAIRRSET5 - Rotary Rasps Set of 4 plus Countersink

"Good little set, reasonably priced. Nice selection of bits that don't wear out with a good finish."

FAISBEXTRACT - Screw Extractors Set of 4

"Handy to have, strong reliable tool."

FAISBMBH - Quick Release Magnetic Bit Holder 60mm

"Does the Job Perfectly."

FAISBSET60 - Professional Security Bit Set - 60 Piece

"Fantastic set. A large selection of bits built to last."

FAISCRDE - Double End Scriber

"Nice sharp pick, nice quality very sound tool."

FAISCTS8 - Tailor Shears

"Very sharp blades. Brilliant quality. Feels nice to cut."

FAISDSSET6BP - 6 Piece SDS-plus Chisel and Drill Bit Set

"Brilliant hardwearing set and very reasonably priced with a nice bag to keep them all together."

FAISOC1443M - Socket Set 43 Piece 4-14mm 1/4in SqDr

"Very good selection and reasonably priced."

FAISOC3825M - Socket Set 25 Piece 6-24mm 3/8in SqDr

"Very good starter set and reasonably priced."

FAISOCADA12F - Socket Adaptors

"Quality adaptor. 100% confidence in its use."

FAISOCADA14F - Socket Adaptors

"Quality adaptor. 100% confidence in its use."

FAISOCADA38F - Socket Adaptors

"Quality adaptor. 100% confidence in its use."

FAISPARAT9S - Flexi Head Ratchet Spanner Set 9 Piece

"Very high quality tool, a must have."

FAISPASETC25 - Combination Spanner Set 25 Piece

"Brilliant selection of sizes, good quality and very reasonably priced."

FAITAPDSET39 - 39 Piece Tap and Die Set

"A very good set of tap and dies, reasonably priced."

FAITWSET3 - Tap Wrench Set 3 Piece M1-M4 M4-M8 M6-M12

"Very nice tool to use, very precise, good grip on taps."