10W COB LED Security Light with PIR Sensor

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The Faithfull COB LED Security Light is ideal as an intruder deterrent or welcoming light, it provides a powerful bright light to illuminate the darkest corners of your property. It features an integrated PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor with a 180º scanning angle that can detect movement at a range of up to 12 metres, automatically switching on the COB LED lamp and producing a bright white light of 650 Lumens for a pre-set (adjustable) period of time between 10 seconds to approximately 4 minutes.

Deters Thieves, Welcomes Guests, Provides Security.

Supplied complete with mounting bracket.

For use as an exterior wall mounted unit controlled from a manually operated switch.

Why choose Chip on Board (COB) LED lighting instead of conventional lighting?
● Long maintenance free working life of up to 100,000 hours.
● Extremely energy efficient operating at 80-90% efficiency.
● Highly durable resistance to shock, vibration and external impacts, ideal for outdoor and rugged lighting applications.
● Low heat emission provide a safe working area free of the burn risk associated with Halogen lighting products.
● LEDs emit virtually no UV radiation making them perfect for use in areas were UV light sensitive objects or materials are present.
● LEDs perform well in extremely cold or hot temperatures with no loss of performance making them ideal for use outside in all weathers.
● Ecologically friendly LEDs are free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.

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bought this light from my local builders merchant approximately 8 months ago and it has just packed in the light is now flashing like a disco light with very low power ,quite disappointed considering how much it cost it was bought to replace an older type light that never gave any bother in 5 years ,so much for progress!!!!!!

Reviewed by john w smith on 5th of February 2018

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