40W COB LED Twin Tripod Site Light - 2800 Lm

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The Faithfull COB LED Twin Pod Tripod site floodlight has been designed for both commercial and domestic use and features the latest LED lighting technology, with two LEDs providing a high light output of 2800 Lumens and the added advantage of a low power consumption coupled with a cool running temperature.

COB LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient to impact damage that can cause conventional halogen tubes to fail if a light is hit or knocked over.

The lamp heads are manufactured from die-cast aluminium, are fully adjustable and mounted on a sturdy telescopic tripod. Two twist grip locks enable the tripod height to be quickly adjusted between 725mm and 1415mm.

The lamp is IP65 rated for water and dust ingress protection and is fitted with an approved BS plug.

Why choose Chip on Board (COB) LED lighting instead of conventional lighting?
● Long maintenance free working life of up to 100,000 hours.
● Extremely energy efficient operating at 80-90% efficiency.
● Highly durable resistance to shock, vibration and external impacts, ideal for outdoor and rugged lighting applications.
● Low heat emission provide a safe working area free of the burn risk associated with Halogen lighting products.
● LEDs emit virtually no UV radiation making them perfect for use in areas were UV light sensitive objects or materials are present.
● LEDs perform well in extremely cold or hot temperatures with no loss of performance making them ideal for use outside in all weathers.
● Ecologically friendly LEDs are free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.

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