TCT Cordless Trimsaw Blades

TCT Cordless Trimsaw Blades
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Specially designed for use with hand-held cordless saws, this range includes blades for fast cutting and fine finishing on all types of timber and man-made boards. Each blade has laser cut expansion slots to improve their performance by reducing heat build up. There is also a 173mm blade with no expansion slots for use in specialist ferrous metal cutting saws.

Code Description Diameter Teeth Bore Bush Rake List Price
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FAIZ13624C TCT Trim Saw Blade 136mm 24 10mm -POS £16.07£19.28 Toolbank
FAIZ13630C TCT Trim Saw Blade 136mm 30 10mm -POS £16.85£20.22 Toolbank
FAIZ15024C TCT Trim Saw Blade 150mm 24 10mm -POS £18.56£22.27 Toolbank
FAIZ1652420C TCT Trim Saw Blade 165mm 24 20mm -POS £17.62£21.14 Toolbank
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