Fibreglass Tapes - Open ABS Case - Fast Rewind

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These fibreglass long tapes feature a 15mm wide EEC class 3 measuring tape clearly marked in both metric and imperial measurements. The fibreglass tape is resistant to stretching, impervious to moisture and resistant to scuffs and fitted with an ABS end loop. The large clear measurement increments are easy to read in most conditions and the tape is also easy to wipe clean after use. The tough ABS open frame case features a folding rewind handle with a rotating winding knob a sturdy hand grip and an integral ground spike making it ideal for single person use. This tape also features a superfast geared 4:1 ratio rewind system which allows the tape to be to be speedily rewound after use.

• EEC Class 3 blade
• 15mm wide fibreglass tape
• Resistant to stretching
• Lightweight, tough ABS open frame case
• Superfast 4:1 geared rewind system
• Integral ground spike

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FAITMFG30 Fibreglass Tape 30M 15mm Open Loop £19.42£23.30 Toolbank
FAITMFG50 Fibreglass Tape 50M 15mm Open Loop £28.14£33.77 Toolbank
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