Hand DIY Tile Cutter TCT Tipped

Faithfull Hand DIY Tile Cutter TCT Tipped
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A Faithfull easy to use Tile Scribe fitted with a Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade that will provide a long working life. The scribe is suitable for scoring ceramic wall and floor tiles prior to snapping to size and features a contoured handle that provides a firm grip and helps maintain the correct blade angle when scribing.

How to use
Mark the tile to be cut and place it face up on a solid surface. Place a steel rule on the tile and line the ends up with your cut marks. Draw the tile scriber firmly along the rule to score the tile.
Thick tiles may need extra attention at the edges, score these independently if required.
Place the scored tile on to a flat surface with a piece of thin wire directly underneath the scoured line and line up the wire with the score mark at the top and bottom of the tile. Once positioned correctly, apply pressure to both edges of the tile at the same time to snap the tile.

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