Pocket Knife with Blade Storage

Faithfull Pocket Knife with Blade Storage
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This Faithfull pocket knife is a handy retractable sliding knife with an easy blade change mechanism. It has two preset blade depths, and features a belt clip for easy carriage. The knife has a stainless steel and aluminium construction.

Quick release dial for easy blade change.
Push button to release blade storage compartment.
Supplied with 6 blades.

Available in 3 colours: red, orange and blue.

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Overall Rating: 4.67 out of 5

5 out of 5

This product is great and no other knife come close to its usefulness, I love the multi blade charger, the only snag for this knife is the position of the retractable blade bush button, it sits exactly where you put you thumb when pressing on it to cut stuff, making the blade retract unexpectedly and annoyingly, apart from this snag, I love it, I went through 3 of them (first one started to lose screws, so the first thing I do when I get a new one is glue them to the base) the second I lost and the third developed a fault which made it impossible to retract. I since tried to get the Stanley Fatmax which is similar, but has a crap plastic clip on the rear to access the blades that snapped the first time I tried to open it (really? Stanley? a plastic clip!), the blades are are, honestly a real pain to get to, anyway, or perhaps you need a degree to work it out, very disappointing. So I will order a new one of these again, despite the push button problem which is only a little issue. Please keep making these as they are immensely useful.

Reviewed by Bib the Handyman on 3rd of December 2018

5 out of 5

I've had this knife for nearly 4 years. I was handed it by my father as a gift, when I started work. Jobs have come and gone (I'm now firmly settled within the fire and security trade), but one thing has always remained constant... This knife! My job involves a LOT of travelling. I've been sent all over the UK, Dubai, Istanbul etc... But even as the scenery, language and challenges changed, the integrity of this knife did not. In these 4 or so years, it's been clipped onto the inside of my pocket, ready to go at a moment's notice. I cannot commend faithfultools enough for making such a quality tool... This knife, at least I'm my opinion, has been a vital part of me becoming the professional in fire and security I will soon be.

However, with all the reviews I have written over the years for this knife, I'm afraid this will be the last one. I took the knife apart to clean it, but alas, I lost some essential components, rendering it useless.

I will now be looking for a new utility knife (it'll have a lot to live up to).. Hopefully faithful tools will read this review, recognise my loyalty to their products and contact me to sort out a replacement...One can hope (:

In short... Goodbye, my old friend. Hello a new beginning.

Reviewed by Louis Murphy on 31st of January 2018

5 out of 5

No less than a month ago, I wrote and submitted my latest review for this knife on this website, going into depth about my personal life and how I felt uncertain about the future ahead.

I have attended many interviews for jobs that I hear nothing back from, but finally, after a month, it looks like I'll be getting an apprenticeship in security system fitting. Thus, ol' faithful has been saved from the old, dusty tool box, and is now ready to be used and to hopefully serve me for more years to come, once again. (After a quick brush off!)

Hopefully I get the apprenticeship as it's fairly local and means I don't have to think about moving away, and hopefully my loyal knife is up for whatever this new prospect throws up - no doubt it will be.

Thanks a lot faithfull tools for making such high quality products!

Reviewed by Louis M on 14th of June 2016

5 out of 5

As mentioned in a previous review of mine regarding this knife, I have been using this knife whilst attending a construction course at college, and at my work.

Alas, things are changing for me. My course is coming to an end next week, and I have also left my job as I had trouble with my boss paying me. My future has been thrown into uncertainty.

I am looking into getting another job in construction, if only I can find one - I live in quite a rural area with not much construction going on. I may have to move out of my parents house to go live somewhere else to work.

All these changes in my life, are leading me into the unknown - but I do know one thing. Whatever I end up doing from here, my orange Pocket Knife with Blade Storage from Faithfull Tools will still be at my side, ready to go at a moments notice.

Reviewed by Louis Murphy on 25th of May 2016

5 out of 5

In late December of 2015, (last year), I lost this knife in a lake near my house. How I did so, I won't go into. I assumed it was gone forever, and got on with my life, using another utility knife for work/college.

Today, whilst walking my dog around said lake, an orange flash caught my eye on the near-by muddy bank. Lo and behold, I had found ol' faithfull!

Still in perfect, working order, I am now using it daily once again. I'm glad to have it back.

Reviewed by Louis Murphy on 25th of April 2016

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