No.3 Staples

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Number 3 steel staples in packs of 1000 available in four sizes for a wide variety of applications.

Fits Faithfull tackers: FAISTLDUTY, FAISTMDUTY, FAIST61 and many others.

Code Description Height Width Depth List Price
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FAIST34MM No.3 Staples 4mm 11.4mm 0.75mm £1.19£1.43 Toolbank
FAIST36MM No.3 Staples 8mm 11.4mm 0.75mm £1.41£1.69 Toolbank
FAIST38MM No.3 Staples 10mm 11.4mm 0.75mm £1.41£1.69 Toolbank
FAIST310MM No.3 Staples 12mm 11.4mm 0.75mm £1.60£1.92 Toolbank
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