Spokeshave Twin Pack Concave and Convex

Faithfull Spokeshave Twin Pack Concave and Convex
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A set of two spokeshaves made with malleable iron bodies. The concave spokeshave is ideal for shaping spindles, oars, chair and table legs.

The convex spokeshave is used for recessed work.

52mm blade width. 240mm overall width.

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What radius of curve are the convex and concave spokeshaves?

It would be very helpful in sharpening to have a wooden form of the correct radius for honing.

Asked by Jim Hanna on 1st of August 2019

Convex spokeshave:

40mm radius measured flat.

47mm effective radius.

49mm honing radius.

Concave spokeshave:

38mm radius measured flat.

45mm effective radius.

47mm honing radius.

Radius measured flat - read from the spokeshave mouth.

Effective radius - as the blades are set at an angle the radius carved by the spokeshave will be larger.

Honing radius - the approximate radius needed to hone the blades. Slightly larger to allow the sharpened blade edge to protrude. The blade will be held at a shallower angle whilst honing than it is set in the spokeshave.

This radius may vary slightly between spokeshaves due to manufacturing tolerances. The blades may need a bit of work to match the spokeshave profile perfectly.

Using the spokeshaves to create the wooden forms may be the easiest option.

Answered by Faithfull Tools on 2nd of August 2019

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