Metric Hex Sockets 1/2in SqDr

Faithfull Metric Hex Sockets 1/2in SqDr
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A range of professional high quality metric sockets and accessories, forged from Chrome-Vanadium steel, hardened, tempered and satin chrome plated for corrosion protection.

1/2 inch square drive is the most popular drive size used in the UK, due to its strength and durability. Faithfull sockets have a hexagon design that gives an accurate fit on both nuts and bolts and the chamfered end allows easy nut location and entry.

Code Description Size Drive List Price
List Price
FAISOC128 Hex Socket CV 8mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC129 Hex Socket CV 9mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1210 Hex Socket CV 10mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1211 Hex Socket CV 11mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1212 Hex Socket CV 12mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1213 Hex Socket CV 13mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1214 Hex Socket CV 14mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1215 Hex Socket CV 15mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1216 Hex Socket CV 16mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1217 Hex Socket CV 17mm 1/2in SQDR £2.58£3.10
FAISOC1218 Hex Socket CV 18mm 1/2in SQDR £3.17£3.80
FAISOC1219 Hex Socket CV 19mm 1/2in SQDR £3.17£3.80
FAISOC1220 Hex Socket CV 20mm 1/2in SQDR £3.33£4.00
FAISOC1221 Hex Socket CV 21mm 1/2in SQDR £3.33£4.00
FAISOC1222 Hex Socket CV 22mm 1/2in SQDR £3.84£4.61
FAISOC1223 Hex Socket CV 23mm 1/2in SQDR £3.84£4.61
FAISOC1224 Hex Socket CV 24mm 1/2in SQDR £4.43£5.32
FAISOC1225 Hex Socket CV 25mm 1/2in SQDR £4.43£5.32
FAISOC1226 Hex Socket CV 26mm 1/2in SQDR £5.28£6.34
FAISOC1227 Hex Socket CV 27mm 1/2in SQDR £5.28£6.34
FAISOC1228 Hex Socket CV 28mm 1/2in SQDR £7.81£9.37
FAISOC1230 Hex Socket CV 30mm 1/2in SQDR £8.27£9.92
FAISOC1232 Hex Socket CV 32mm 1/2in SQDR £8.45£10.14
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