Double Square Box Cutter SDS-plus

Faithfull Double Square Box Cutter SDS-plus
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For use with Faithfull tungsten carbide tipped round cutter to form recesses for electrical back boxes.

Size: 77 x 154mm

Faithfull Electrical Back Box Cutters are a labour and time saving system designed to cut sockets in blockwork and brick walls for the siting of electrical back boxes. Used in conjunction with lightweight 2kg SDS fixing hammers with a rotation stop function.

The system requires the use of a FAISDSBOXCUT circular cutter and either a FAISDSBOXSML* or FAISDSBOXLRG* depending on the box size to be cut.

* Only recommended for use in blockwork and soft brick, when cutting into hard brickwork use the SDS chisel provided with FAISDSBOXCUT to clean out remaining brickwork.

Cutting A Rectangular Back Box Hole (double socket)

Mark the area where the double flush box is to be located. Mark out and drill three 8mm pilot holes, one in the centre, one 33mm to the left of the centre hole and one 33mm to the right of the centre hole.

The bit is then removed and the circular 77mm cutter fitted into the drill, insert the guide rod into one of the outer pilot holes. Engage the rotary and hammer action and cut a 77mm hole to the required depth. Repeat for the other outer pilot hole.

The circular cutter should then be removed and the box cutter fitted into the drill. Insert the guide rod of the box cutter into the centre pilot hole and aligned the box at 90 degrees to the wall, with the rotary action disengaged hammer out a rectangular hole to the required depth. The supplied SDS chisel can be used to clean out any remaining material and clean up the hole if necessary.

The FAISDSBOXCUT circular cutter should be used with the ROTARY HAMMER ACTION engaged. The FAISDSBOXSML and FAISDSBOXLRG cutter boxes should be used with HAMMER ACTION ONLY/rotation stop engaged. These products are only suitable for small 2kg SDS-plus machines with a ‘Roto Stop’ feature (not suitable for 5kg machines).

NB. The SDS machine must have a “roto stop” function for use with these chisels. This switches off the rotary action to leave just a hammer facility allowing the drill to be used as a breaker or demolition hammer with a suitable chisel bit.

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