Magnetic Screw Set Bit Holder 1/4in Hex

Magnetic Screw Set Bit Holder 1/4in Hex
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Designed to hold a screw via the magnetic sleeve to allow for hands free operation.

Length: 58mm

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When I purchased this bit holder I was told by the sales clerk it is 'adjustable' to prevent the screw ploughing into the drylining/plasterboard. The notes on the rear of the packaging also say that the bit holder is 'adjustable'. But I cannot seem to work out how to 'adjust' it. Can you please send me instructions on how to 'adjust' it?

Asked by Clive W on 28th of April 2019

This is a new style of drywall bit holder designed to magnetically hold and release the screw when set at the correct depth.

The adjustable collar bullet point on the packaging is an error left over from an older style of product.

To use:

Insert a screwdriver bit into the holder. Hold a screw on end of the screwdriver bit and pull the collar towards the screw. The screw will be held in place magnetically.

Drive the screw into the wall, the screw will be released when the collar makes contact with the plasterboard.

Answered by Faithfull Tools on 29th of April 2019

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