Blue Poly Rope Coil

Faithfull Blue Poly Rope Coil
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A blue poly rope meeting the needs of most trades and suitable for a variety of applications in the home and workplace.

Supplied as 30M or 220M coils.

These ropes may be purchased by the metre from Faithfull retailers that stock this range.

Code Description Diameter Length Type Max Load Breaking Strain List Price
List Price
FAIRB3060 Blue Poly Rope 6mm 30M Coil 60kg375kg £5.91£7.09
FAIRB3080 Blue Poly Rope 8mm 30M Coil 100kg650kg £9.26£11.11
FAIRB30100 Blue Poly Rope 10mm 30M Coil 160kg1000kg £14.04£16.85
FAIRB30120 Blue Poly Rope 12mm 30M Coil 220kg1450kg £21.02£25.22
FAIRB22060 Blue Poly Rope 6mm 220M Coil 60kg375kg £32.03£38.44
FAIRB22080 Blue Poly Rope 8mm 220M Coil 100kg650kg £52.65£63.18
FAIRB220100 Blue Poly Rope 10mm 220M Coil 160kg1000kg £84.54£101.45
FAIRB220120 Blue Poly Rope 12mm 220M Coil 220kg1450kg £126.31£151.57
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