Brass Padlocks

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These Faithfull brass bodied padlocks provide an excellent level of security. Each lock features a high strength, brass cylinder mechanism that is accurately machined, durable and rust resistant. They have stainless shackle springs and a steel shackle with a self-locking action. All locks above 30mm in body size have hardened anti-cut and saw resistant shackle with double locking tongues for improved security.

Each padlock is supplied with 3 keys.

Code Description Width Shackle Dia. Int. Width Int. Height Security Level List Price
List Price
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FAIPLB20 Brass Padlock 20mm 3.3mm 11.1 10.7- £2.62£3.14 Toolbank
FAIPLB25 Brass Padlock 25mm 4.3mm 13.9 12.7- £3.35£4.02 Toolbank
FAIPLB30 Brass Padlock 30mm 5mm 16.1 154 £5.03£6.04 Toolbank
FAIPLB40 Brass Padlock 40mm 6.3mm 21.8 20.76 £6.86£8.23 Toolbank
FAIPLB50 Brass Padlock 50mm 8mm 25 267 £11.52£13.82 Toolbank
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