Flexifit Trowel Plastic Blades - Foam Backed

Faithfull Flexifit Trowel Plastic Blades - Foam Backed
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Flexifit 1mm thick plastic blades are fitted to a unique patented 10mm water resistant foam backing that offers great flexibility when applying pressure to either walls or ceilings during any stage of plastering. They produce a professional matt finish with no need to apply water on final coat – superb results achieved when used dry. Does not draw water to the surface leaving the plaster pliable for longer.

The blades are part of our Flexifit blade range and are designed for use in conjunction with the FAIPFLEXMAS Flexi Master Trowel, which is made from stainless steel and features a soft-grip handle for additional comfort.

Simply select your blade and insert the Flexi Master Trowel into the Flexifit system and start plastering. When a change of blade is needed or the job is complete, slide the Master Trowel out and swap blades if necessary.

All blades have one edge with square corners and the other with rounded corners, which accommodates the individual preference of each plasterer and helps to increase the number of applications the system can be used for. No need for breaking in.

Easy-to-use and lightweight which helps which helps reduce the constant strain on arms and joints during the job, reducing the chances of developing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Plastic blades can be easily repaired if small amounts of damage occur, by rubbing down the damaged area of the blade with wet and dry paper.

The Flexifit range of interchangeable plastic and stainless steel plastering trowel blades are manufactured in the UK*.
*FAIPFLEXMAS trowel is not manufactured in the UK

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FAIPFLEX12 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 305mm 12in £26.73£32.08 Toolbank
FAIPFLEX14 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 355mm 14in £29.42£35.30 Toolbank
FAIPFLEX16 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 405mm 16in £32.10£38.52 Toolbank
FAIPFLEX18 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 457mm 18in £34.79£41.75 Toolbank
FAIPFLEX20 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 508mm 20in £37.47£44.96 Toolbank
FAIPFLEX24 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 610mm 24in £42.84£51.41 Toolbank
FAIPFLEX28 Flexi Trowel Plastic Blade 710mm 28in £48.21£57.85 Toolbank
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