Utility Paintbrushes

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Made from a mix of natural and synthetic bristles and are suitable for use with all types of paint.

Features a rust resistant ferrule and contoured plastic handle for greater user comfort.

Code Description Width Bristle Length List Price
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FAIPBU34 Utility Paintbrush 19mm (3/4in) 40mm £1.27£1.52 Toolbank
FAIPBU1 Utility Paintbrush 25mm (1in) 40mm £1.51£1.81 Toolbank
FAIPBU112 Utility Paintbrush 38mm (1.1/2in) 40mm £1.92£2.30 Toolbank
FAIPBU2 Utility Paintbrush 50mm (2in) 45mm £2.24£2.69 Toolbank
FAIPBU3 Utility Paintbrush 75mm (3in) 65mm £3.41£4.09 Toolbank
FAIPBU4 Utility Paintbrush 100mm (4in) 65mm £5.02£6.02 Toolbank
FAIPBUSET5 Utility Paintbrush Set of 5 19, 25, 38, 50 & 75mm £9.35£11.22 Toolbank
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