24 Plastic Wall Bins with Metal Panel

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This set of 24 plastic storage bins with a metal wall panel is ideal for workshop, garage or hobbies. It offers a quick and easy way to organise small accessories with easy access.

Clearly laid out storage for small parts such as nails, wall plugs, screws etc, and is manufactured from shock-proof polymer which is resistant to mild acids, solvents and oils.

The bins have a high thermal stability and resist damage from extremes of temperature and they are supplied with a heavy-duty steel back panel that can be wall-mounted or fitted in to a van.

12 Small Bins (Red): 110 x 100 x 75mm
6 Medium Bins (Blue): 165 x 100 x 75mm
6 Large Bins (Blue): 210 x 100 x 75mm
Metal Slot Wall Panel: 660 x 380 x 0.85mm
Mounting screws and wall plugs

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