Nail Punches

Nail Punches
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Designed to drive nail heads below the surface of wood or plasterboard, these punches have knurled shafts and a square head to prevent rolling. Made from hardened and tempered steel, the slightly cupped heads help to improve contact with the nail head while driving it below surface level.

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FAINP116SH Nail Punch Square 1.5mm (1/16in) 100mm £3.83£4.60 Toolbank
FAINP332SH Nail Punch Square 2.5mm (3/32in) 100mm £3.83£4.60 Toolbank
FAINP18SH Nail Punch Square 3mm (1/8in) 100mm £3.83£4.60 Toolbank
FAINP532SH Nail Punch Square 4mm (5/32in) 100mm £3.83£4.60 Toolbank
FAINP316SH Nail Punch Square 5mm (3/16in) 100mm £3.83£4.60 Toolbank
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