Delta Velcro Sanding Pad Tri 93mm

Delta Velcro Sanding Pad Tri 93mm
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Triangular sanding pad with a micro velcro-type fastening system. Used in conjunction with the correct abrasive sheet to sand, wood, metal, plastic or fillers.

Compatible with many multi-function oscillating power tools.

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Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

5 out of 5

Excellent product, I highly recommend it. It replaced the three times more expensive sanding pad provided with my over $200 costing premium brand oscillating tool. The original pad only lasted for about 15 uses, it got very easily damaged after which the sanding paper did not stick anymore. Apart from this, I feel much more in control when using the Faithfull Velcro Sanding Pad Tri 93mm, in a way I feel I can do a much more precise job.

Reviewed by Hans Overvoorde on 31st of March 2019

2 out of 5

Bought one tody to use with my Bosch PMF 250CES vebrating tool and fitting the sanding pad is very fiddly as it is issued with a seperate quite small washer with tab. After one use, the sandpaper pad that attaches like Velcro to the sanding pad, flew off and the washer then fell out which led the pad to fall off the tool. Subsequently looking at the design of the sanding pad securing washer, only 70% is being secured to the vibrating tool head when comparing it to the Bosch sanding pad.....even at £6.95, I would have expected a better quality product.

Reviewed by Martin Yates on 8th of January 2021

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