Deep Pot Magnets

Faithfull Deep Pot Magnets
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Deep Pot Magnets have a steel outer shell with a highly magnetic front face and an M6 threaded hole in the back. The magnets are made from Alnico to provide a high resistance to corrosion and will operate in temperatures up to 220°C.
They offer high holding forces on parts that are thick and clean with a good surface finish and have unlimited applications such as magnetic fasteners, displays, holding maps etc. Ideal for incorporating into jigs and fixtures.
Supplied with a plate keeper to help preserve the strength of the magnet and stop metal being attracted to the magnet when not in use.

Code Description Diameter Height Pull power Hole thread List Price
List Price
FAIMAGDPM175 Deep Pot Magnet 17.5mm 16mm 2.5kg M6 £4.98£5.98
FAIMAGDPM205 Deep Pot Magnet 20.5mm 19.5mm 4kg M6 £6.61£7.93
FAIMAGDPM270 Deep Pot Magnet 27mm 25.4mm 5kg M6 £10.70£12.84
FAIMAGDPM350 Deep Pot Magnet 35mm 30mm 10.5kg M6 £18.26£21.91
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