HSS Imperial Drill Bits - Loose

Faithfull HSS Imperial Drill Bits - Loose
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An extensive range of metric sizes for home user and DIY enthusiast. These high speed steel (HSS) straight shank drills are suitable for use on both wood and metal and may be used in hand or power drills.

A cutting lubricant is recommended when using these drills in metal..

PLEASE NOTE: These drill bits are priced individually but supplied only in bulk packs. Sizes up to and including 3/8in are supplied in 10's. Larger sizes are supplied in 5's.

Code Description Diameter Length Min Qty List Price
List Price
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FAIJ116 HSS Jobber Drills 1/16in MQ10 £0.50£0.60 Toolbank
FAIJ332 HSS Jobber Drills 3/32in MQ10 £0.50£0.60 Toolbank
FAIJ18 HSS Jobber Drills 1/8in MQ10 £0.71£0.85 Toolbank
FAIJ532 HSS Jobber Drills 5/32in MQ10 £0.96£1.15 Toolbank
FAIJ316 HSS Jobber Drills 3/16in MQ10 £1.27£1.52 Toolbank
FAIJ732 HSS Jobber Drills 7/32in MQ10 £1.45£1.74 Toolbank
FAIJ14 HSS Jobber Drills 1/4in MQ10 £1.65£1.98 Toolbank
FAIJ932 HSS Jobber Drills 9/32in MQ10 £1.40£1.68 Toolbank
FAIJ516 HSS Jobber Drills 5/16in MQ10 £2.10£2.52 Toolbank
FAIJ38 HSS Jobber Drills 3/8in MQ10 £2.28£2.74 Toolbank
FAIJ12 HSS Jobber Drills 1/2in MQ5 £4.16£4.99 Toolbank
FAIJ2364 HSS Jobber Drills 23/64in £1.56£1.87 Toolbank
FAIJ1532 HSS Jobber Drills 15/32in £2.95£3.54 Toolbank
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