Hammer Wedges Assorted (12)

Faithfull Hammer Wedges Assorted (12)
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Hammer wedges are designed for use in conjunction with the correct wooden handle when replacing damaged handles on hammers and other striking tools.

The kit includes eight malleable steel hammer wedges and four wooden wedges and when fitted correctly, they provide a secure and safe attachment of a striking head to a wooden handle.

Note Hammer wedges are NOT suitable for use with fibreglass replacement handles.

Kit consists of:

2 Steel Wedges: 11mm length x 8mm Dia (Size 1)

1 Wooden Wedge: 18 x 25mm

Suitable for head weights 4oz to 1lb

2 Steel Wedges: 13mm length x 10mm Dia (size 2)

1 Wooden Wedge: 25 x 35mm

Suitable for head weights 1lb to 2.5lbs

2 Steel Wedges: 13mm length x 10mm Dia (size 2)

1 Wooden Wedge: 30 x 30mm

Suitable for head weights 3lb to 7lbs

2 steel wedges: 23mm length x 15mm Dia (size 4)

1 wooden wedge: 30 x 40mm

Suitable for Axe Heads

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