HSS Thread Cutting Taps

Faithfull HSS Thread Cutting Taps
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Faithfull HSS Straight Flute Taps are used to cut threads in blind or through holes in most materials. They are manufactured to ISO529 standard and are suitable for hand or machine cutting.

This versatile set contains three taps:
- Taper Cut (First tap) - Used for through holes or as a starter tap.
- Second Tap (Plug) - To follow the taper when tapping blind holes.
- Bottom Tap (Bottom) - For threading to the bottom of a blind hole.

All taps should be used with the corresponding drill size to ensure both cutting ease and thread efficiency.

Suitable for use on mild steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

Always wear appropriate eye protection whilst in use.
An appropriate cutting fluid should be used to maintain a cool cut.
To avoid jamming please ensure taps are relieved of pressure and reversed periodically.

A range of Tap Wrench Bars to accommodate these taps is also available.

Code Description Diameter Pitch List Price
List Price
FAIHSSTM3 HSS Taps Set of 3 M3 0.5mm £23.13£27.76
FAIHSSTM4 HSS Taps Set of 3 M4 0.7mm £23.13£27.76
FAIHSSTM5 HSS Taps Set of 3 M5 0.8mm £23.13£27.76
FAIHSSTM6 HSS Taps Set of 3 M6 1.0mm £25.42£30.50
FAIHSSTM8 HSS Taps Set of 3 M8 1.25mm £28.46£34.15
FAIHSSTM10 HSS Taps Set of 3 M10 1.5mm £36.12£43.34
FAIHSSTM12 HSS Taps Set of 3 M12 1.75mm £47.03£56.44
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