Zinc Plated Hose Clips

Hose clips are ideal for fixing flexible rubber hoses, plastic hoses and flexible pipes and can be used around the home, in the garden, workshop or the garage, in most applications where a water or air tight seal is required on a flexible pipe.

The non -perforated worm drive used on these hose clips provide a high thread strength with a smooth running, snag-free winding surface. A hex shaped drive nut allows the use of either a slotted screwdriver, spanner, nutdriver or hose clip driver* when tightening or loosening the clips. Standard range hose clips are manufactured from mild steel and are zinc plated to aid corrosion resistance and are available in a wide variety of sizes.

* The Faithfull Flexi-drive hose clip driver (product code: FAI SDHOSE) is perfect for fitting and removing hose clips. The driver feature a full sized, soft-grip, non-slip handle and a flexible drive shaft that allows easy access when removing or fitting hose clips in difficult to reach or offset positions.

● Non-perforated worm drive for high thread strength
● Even distribution of clamping force for maximum sealing efficiency.
● Hex drive nut with screwdriver slot
● Available in various clamping ranges.
● Screw head size is 7mm.

PLEASE NOTE: These hose clips are priced individually but supplied only in packs of 10.

Code Description Type Size Capacity Min Qty List Price
List Price
FAIHCOOOB Hose Clip MSZP OOO 9.5 - 12mm MQ10 £0.59£0.71
FAIHCMOOB Hose Clip MSZP MOO 11 - 16mm MQ10 £0.59£0.71
FAIHCOOB Hose Clip MSZP OO 13 - 20mm MQ10 £0.61£0.73
FAIHCOB Hose Clip MSZP O 16 - 22mm MQ10 £0.72£0.86
FAIHCOXB Hose Clip MSZP OX 18 - 25mm MQ10 £0.74£0.89
FAIHC1AB Hose Clip MSZP 1A 22 - 30mm MQ10 £0.78£0.94
FAIHC1B Hose Clip MSZP 1 25 - 35mm MQ10 £0.81£0.97
FAIHC1XB Hose Clip MSZP 1X 30 - 40mm MQ10 £0.85£1.02
FAIHC1MB Hose Clip MSZP 1M 32 - 45mm MQ10 £0.87£1.04
FAIHC2AB Hose Clip MSZP 2A 35 - 50mm MQ10 £0.89£1.07
FAIHC2B Hose Clip MSZP 2 40 - 55mm MQ10 £0.91£1.09
FAIHC2XB Hose Clip MSZP 2X 45 - 60mm MQ10 £0.96£1.15
FAIHC3B Hose Clip MSZP 3 55 - 70mm MQ10 £1.06£1.27
FAIHC3XB Hose Clip MSZP 3X 60 - 80mm MQ10 £1.14£1.37
FAIHC4B Hose Clip MSZP 4 70 - 90mm MQ10 £1.22£1.46
FAIHC4XB Hose Clip MSZP 4X 85 - 100mm MQ10 £1.34£1.61
FAIHC5B Hose Clip MSZP 5 90 - 120mm MQ10 £1.54£1.85
FAIHC6B Hose Clip MSZP 6 110 - 140mm MQ10 £1.68£2.02
FAIHC6XB Hose Clip MSZP 6X 120 - 150mm MQ10 £1.79£2.15
FAIHC7B Hose Clip MSZP 7 135 - 165mm MQ10 £1.88£2.26
FAIHC75B Hose Clip MSZP 7.5 158 - 190mm MQ10 £2.30£2.76
FAIHC85B Hose Clip MSZP 8.5 184 - 216mm MQ10 £2.17£2.60
FAIHC125B Hose Clip MSZP 12.5 286 - 318mm MQ10 £2.98£3.58
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