Quick Pro Auto Power Torch

Faithfull Quick Pro Auto Power Torch
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A powerful high performance gas torch designed for the professional user and packed with all the features you would expect from a top of the range product. Features of this torch include automatic piezo ignition and an advanced gas control system that offers both a ‘Lock On’ or ‘Dead Man’s Handle’ function and a fine flame adjustment valve with an instant FLARESAFE function, making the torch safe to use at any angle immediately after start up. The burner head creates a Swirl effect flame to help ensure that the flame is evenly distributed around a pipe when carrying out plumbing work. This ergonomic designed Swirl torch is ideally suited to skilled plumbing, soldering and brazing work.

• Automatic push button piezo ignition
• Instant FLARESAFE function allows use at any angle
• Swirl flame action for even flame distribution around a pipe
• Advanced gas control system with trigger lock
• Automatic cut off ‘dead man’s trigger’
• Max operating temperature 1610°C
• Optimum power output 1900 Watts
• Gas consumption 136 g/h
• CGA600 Connection
• Gas category MAP/PRO
• 5-year limited warranty

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Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

2 out of 5

Very handy compared to my other torches, which are manually lit.

It is a very hot running torch and really only suitable for the very large

copper fittings and of no use when working with 8mm, 10mm and 15mm.

The disadvantage of this torch is the lack of different sized nozzles. I have

searched everywhere for nozzles but I have a feeling they are not available

The control to reduce the flame size and power doesn't do a good job when

working in confined space or smaller bore copper.

I have tried to find a replacement pin size flame nozzle but to no avail, and so,

back to my old torch with a pin point nozzle and manual start.

In buying this torch, the only advantage for me was the Auto start. So it will

probably get very little use.

Reviewed by Bill McAlister on 28th of March 2020

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