Gas Cylinder Converter CGA600 to EN417 Fitting

Faithfull Gas Cylinder Converter CGA600 to EN417 Fitting
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CGA600 to EN417 Convertor
Converts gas cylinders fitted with an EN417 self-sealing valve for use with most blow torches with a CGA600 gas connection.

Blow torches that normally use the 2450 Map/Pro or 2400 Propane gas cylinders can be easily converted to use the FAIGZ350 and FAIGZ170 EN417 fitting Butane/Propane mix cartridges.

Compatible with:
FAI GZPROAUTO - Quick Pro Auto Power Torch

Make sure the threads of the gas torch and bottle that are to be used are compatible with this adaptor. Do not use in other applications.

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I have a gas bottle which has a EN417 connection, and a torch which has a CGA600 gas bottle connection. Will your adaptor enable the two to be used together?



Asked by Robert on 28th of November 2017

Yes, this adaptor will fit. It converts EN417 bottles to CGA600 torches.

Answered by Faithfull Tools on 29th of November 2017

Hi will this converter fit a monument 3450g thanks

Asked by james black on 5th of January 2015

Yes. The monument 3450G has a standard CGA 600 fitment. The converter will fit this product enabling it to be used with EN417 fitting gas cartridges.

Answered by Faithfull Tools on 9th of January 2015

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