Grain Shovel Aluminium - Wood Handle

Grain Shovel Aluminium - Wood Handle
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The Faithfull Aluminium Grain Shovel is primarily designed for use in the agricultural and food industries for moving loose materials such as grain, feed or fertiliser.

The Western pattern square mouth scoop has reinforcing moulded ribs to give it extra strength for heavy-duty applications. The upturned sides help to contain the grain as it is being transported around.

Made from lightweight rustproof aluminium which has the advantages of not damaging the grain, and can be easily cleaned and sterilised.

Fitted with an FSC® European ash wood shaft and plastic 'D' handle.

The grain shovel can also be used for many other purposes which include clearing snow, and moving other lightweight materials around, such as wood chips and garden compost.

Blade size: 360 x 430mm
Total length: 1200mm

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