Foam (Spurt) Gun PU

Faithfull Foam (Spurt) Gun PU
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A high quality professional foam (spurt) gun designed for use with standard 500ml and 750ml gun grade Polyurethane pressurised expanding foam canisters. The features of this gun include a sprung trigger mechanism and flow adjuster knob allowing the user fine control over the foam output, to provide a clean even bead for the accurate installation of the foam and helping reduce waste. The barrel is hermetically sealed once the trigger has been released to prevent the hardening of the foam when left in the gun.

Additional features include a Teflon coated needle and canister fitting valve and a stainless steel barrel to help make cleaning the gun easier. The gun is supplied complete with two types of additional plastic extension barrels to give better access when used in certain applications;
2 x Long plastic extension barrels
2 x Short plastic narrow access barrels

Applications include the installation of door and window frames, filling and sealing of cavities and joints, pipe or cable penetrations in walls and the sealing of joints in wall insulation sheets.

• Teflon coated needle and fitting valve
• Large easy to use flow adjuster
• Sprung trigger for accurate application
• Stainless steel barrel
• Air tight ‘Hermetically’ sealed barrel
• 2 x Long plastic extension barrels
• 2 x Short plastic narrow access barrels
• Use with 500/750ml Polyurethane expanding foam

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