Engineers Files Bastard

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These engineers files feature blades that are parallel in width and slightly tapered in thickness.
They are double cut with a safe edge and fitted with a comfortable soft-grip handle.
Ideal for professional and frequent DIY use.

Coarser files (Bastard cut, approximately 26tpi) are generally used first for quick removal of material, followed by use of a medium (Second cut, approximately 36tpi) file for a finer finish.

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FAIFIHB6 Engineers File Flat Bastard 150mm (6in) 15mm £5.29£6.35 Toolbank
FAIFIHB10 Engineers File Flat Bastard 250mm (10in) 24mm £7.98£9.58 Toolbank
FAIFIHB12 Engineers File Flat Bastard 300mm (12in) 27mm £9.88£11.86 Toolbank
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