Flat Bits

Faithfull Flat Bits will produce a clean cut at a fast and efficient rate. They will bore all types of timber and will perform just as well with or against the grain. These bits are also suitable for cutting MDF, plastics and plasterboard.

The whole bit is forged from one-piece of carbon steel and is heat treated for extra strength and durability.

All sizes except for the 6mm and 8mm Flat Bits have a grooved tip and extended spurs to produce a clean cutting area and faster boring speed.

All Faithfull Flat Bits feature a non-slip 1/4in hexagonal shank with a locking mechanism that is compatible with adaptors or chucks with a built in quick-release feature.

Code Description Diameter Overall Length List Price
List Price
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FAIFB06E Flat Bit 6mm 152mm £2.18£2.62 Toolbank
FAIFB08E Flat Bit 8mm 152mm £2.24£2.69 Toolbank
FAIFB10E Flat Bit 10mm 152mm £2.31£2.77 Toolbank
FAIFB13E Flat Bit 13mm 152mm £2.49£2.99 Toolbank
FAIFB14E Flat Bit 14mm 152mm £2.62£3.14 Toolbank
FAIFB16E Flat Bit 16mm 152mm £2.72£3.26 Toolbank
FAIFB19E Flat Bit 19mm 152mm £2.87£3.44 Toolbank
FAIFB20E Flat Bit 20mm 152mm £2.87£3.44 Toolbank
FAIFB22E Flat Bit 22mm 152mm £3.32£3.98 Toolbank
FAIFB25E Flat Bit 25mm 152mm £3.72£4.46 Toolbank
FAIFB28E Flat Bit 28mm 152mm £3.96£4.75 Toolbank
FAIFB30E Flat Bit 30mm 152mm £4.10£4.92 Toolbank
FAIFB32E Flat Bit 32mm 152mm £4.19£5.03 Toolbank
FAIFB35E Flat Bit 35mm 152mm £4.91£5.89 Toolbank
FAIFB38E Flat Bit 38mm 152mm £5.27£6.32 Toolbank
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