Spring Dividers

Faithfull Spring Dividers
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Manufactured from high quality carbon steel with a polished finish. The legs are made from carefully selected flat stock with heat treated points for durability, and they pivot on a roller while the bow spring ensures a precise tension setting.
Accurate adjustments are made by turning the knurled nut on the threaded rod. The design of these calipers, with their fine adjustment feature, ensures quick and positive settings when taking or transferring specific measurements.

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List Price
FAIDIV3 Spring Divider 75mm (3in) £6.45£7.74
FAIDIV4 Spring Divider 100mm (4in) £6.79£8.15
FAIDIV6 Spring Divider 150mm (6in) £8.73£10.48
FAIDIV8 Spring Divider 200mm (8in) £10.96£13.15
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