PH Meter 200mm Long Probe

PH Meter 200mm Long Probe
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This pH meter is easy to use and an essential instrument for both the professional and keen gardening enthusiast, providing a quick no fuss method of measuring the pH (acidity and alkalinity) value of soil.

Knowing the pH value is very important and directly influences the health of plants. Using this meter to provide an accurate reading will allow the pH level to be adjusted accordingly to best suit the plants being grown prior to planting. The meter can also be used to help identify the best growing environment and area for growing outdoor plants, shrubs, vegetables and trees and for improving and modifying soil in your garden.

Analogue needle Acid-Alkaline indicator.
Accurate pH soil reading in 60 seconds.
Ideal for fruit and vegetables.
No batteries required.

To change soil pH:

A .To increase the pH value, lime should be added. Lime is a compound of calcium or calcium and magnesium. Applied in the form of ground agricultural limestone, burnt lime or hydrated lime for the quickest result.

B. To decrease the pH value use either aluminium sulphate or sulphur. Aluminium sulphate is the quickest acting as it will increase the acidity as soon as it dissolves into the soil.

Quantities of additives will vary depending on the type of soil, consult a gardening book or professional gardener if further advice is needed.

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