Microwave Leak Detector 3MHz-3GHz

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It is important to regularly check for possible electromagnetic leaks from Microwave ovens. Excessive leakage can be a problem and of particular danger to expectant mothers. This Faithfull detector can be used to verify any leak from Microwave ovens and other sources within a few minutes. The detectors analogue display will clearly show if an electromagnetic field leak is present. The Green sector indicates that the product is safe, the Red sector warning that a leak is present which could be harmful to humans. The detector may also be used to check other items that generate an electromagnetic field such as Mobile Phones and Cameras.

Analogue needle indicator.
Easy read SAFE and CAUTION warning.
Compact and easy-to-use.
Frequency range: 3MHz to 3GHz.
No battery required.
Use on Microwave ovens, Mobile phone and Cameras.

This detector may be used to carry out the following operations:
Detection of leaks from electrical items generating an electromagnetic field when in operation
Frequency range covered by this detector is: 3MHz to 3GHz.

Frequency range: 3MHz to 3GHz.
Working Temperature: 0°C to 40°C.
Size: 45 x 100 x 22mm.
Weight: approx. 38g.

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