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Prestige Centre Finder Gauges - Black Aluminium

Prestige Centre Finder Gauges - Black Aluminium
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The Faithfull Prestige Centre Finder Gauge is used to find the centre point of a square or cylindrical object.

With a measuring capacity of 90mm or 140mm, this tool can be used on objects with a diameter or width of up to 180mm/240mm.

It features ruled markings in mm increments and can also be used for 45° and 90° mitre cut lines making this product ideal for any engineers workshop.

Easy to use: Place the round or square workpiece between the centre square. Scribe different lines on the workpiece each time rotating its position. The centre of the scribed lines will give the accurate centre of the workpiece.

Manufactured from aluminium using computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. The black anodised finish offers enhanced corrosion protection and the laser engraved scales give outstanding measurement accuracy.

Faithfull 'Prestige' products are manufactured to the highest standards and are covered by a 10 year guarantee.

Code Description Size Measuring capacity Max dia/width List Price
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FAICSQ10CNC Centre Finder Gauge 100mm 90mm 180mm £23.57£28.28 Toolbank
FAICSQ15CNC Centre Finder Gauge 150mm 140mm 240mm £35.44£42.53 Toolbank
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