Stainless Steel Combination Squares

Faithfull Combination Squares can be used in both wood and metalworking applications. Each square features a high quality cast and machined sliding stock, fitted with a stainless steel rule engraved with both imperial and metric graduations, a spirit level and marking scribe.

Combination squares have at least 10 different uses: Measuring rule with metric and imperial scale, 90° inside square, 90° outside square, 135° inside square, 45° inside square, horizontal level, vertical level, T-square slide, marking gauge and depth gauge.

Code Description Length List Price
List Price
FAICS150 Combination Square 150mm / 6in £8.19£9.83
FAICS300 Combination Square 300mm / 12in £19.51£23.41
FAICS400 Combination Square 400mm / 16in £21.85£26.22
FAICS300TP Combination Square Twin Pack 150mm & 300mm £24.22£29.06
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Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

5 out of 5

Tool Team Tested

Excellent quality set square. Really well made and great value for money.

Reviewed by Faithfull Tool Team - Nick Westlake

3 out of 5

A well priced decent little combination square that has the scribing pin that is so useful and that many of its competitors miss. I 'try squared' it and it comes up true. Sadly it's let down by the twin scale. There's no metric only version, so reading over the rule and flipping it loses a lot of functionality. Taking the blade out and turning it over - this is a tiny and it's a faff that takes far too long. Faithfull should maybe recognise that, outside the USA, there's a real drift from the archaic inch based system and that the smaller the measurements, the more likely people are to use metric.

Reviewed by Pythagorass on 4th of June 2020

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