Carpenters Pencils

Carpenters Pencils
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With the exception of some metals and polished or glazed surfaces, almost any material can be marked out with these carpenters pencils. The pencil leaves a clear visible line irrespective of material or grain. Supplied in packs of three pencils, there are three colour coded grades of hardness to cater for different surfaces.

Colour: Green
Grade: Hard
For hardwoods, brick and plastered walls.

Colour: Red
Grade: Medium
For general carpentry.

Colour: Blue
Grade: Soft
For softwoods and newly felled timber.

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FAICPG Carpenters Pencils Green Hard 3 £2.32£2.78 Toolbank
FAICPR Carpenters Pencils Red Medium 3 £2.32£2.78 Toolbank
FAICPB Carpenters Pencils Blue Soft 3 £2.32£2.78 Toolbank
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