Countryman Lawn Rake - 24 Round Tines

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The Faithfull Countryman Lawn Rake has 24 flexible round metal tines ideal for removing leaves and garden debris from lawns. Metal tined rakes are better suited for spring or autumn raking when the debris is often wet or rotted and can be better collected as the rake has longer tines that penetrate in to the thatch layer‘ and are often used to scarify the lawn. This popular rake is however used year-round to help remove dead grass and moss from lawns.

Fitted with a European Ash handle supplied from FSC® sustainable resources. These are then lacquered for protection against the weather and fitted with a foam handle end grip to make them more comfortable in prolonged use.

The Countryman Range has been designed for the gardener who requires a tool they can rely on to provide years of dependable service.

Overall length: 1600mm.
Tines: 24 (Round).

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