Countryman Hand Daisy Grubber

Countryman Hand Daisy Grubber
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The Faithfull Countryman Hand Daisy Grubber is ideal for pulling up daisies and weeds from lawns. A traditional, simple to use yet affective weeding tool designed specifically to deal with short rooted weeds such as daisies. Made from heat treated (hardened) carbon steel to provide both strength and durability. Powder coated finish provides improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil.

Fitted with a European Ash handle supplied from FSC® sustainable resources. These are then lacquered for protection against the weather. The small size allows it to work in tight spaces where a long handle tool cannot be used.

The long narrow two-pronged blade, is designed to push into the lawn cutting the root, before simply pulling the weed out that causes little or no disturbance to the surrounding soil. The chemical -free way of removing weeds.

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