Chalk Line 30M

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This chalk line offers quick and effective line marking when building or decorating.
The die cast magnesium body contains a 30M line reel, which passes through a reservoir of coloured chalk (not supplied). It becomes coated as it is reeled out. Snapping the taut line against a surface deposits the colour chalk leaving a visible but temporary line to work to.

A useful feature of this reel is the push button instant release which allows the line to be pulled out rapidly whilst bypassing the winding mechanism.

The hook has a bent tip and can be stored on the reels side, which along with the fold away handle allows for neat and easy storage. This chalk line also features a stainless steel belt clip.


• Plumb lines for hanging wallpaper
• Marking out cable lines for plumbing
• Marking out areas for white lining
• Partitions or stud wall positions
• Guide lines for cutting timber
• Roof tile positions

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