Galvanised Chain Reel

Galvanised Chain Reel
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This welded chain is galvanised for increased durability and protection against the elements.

Please note, maximum load figures quoted are for guidance only. The chains are test loaded to ensure their strength and durability, but not certified and should never be used for any overhead lifting, load binding or towing applications.

Code Description Finish Link Dia Length Load Limit List Price
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FAICHGL330 Chain Galvanised 3mm 30M 80kg £55.40£66.48 Toolbank
FAICHGL430 Chain Galvanised 4mm 30M 120kg £64.12£76.94 Toolbank
FAICHGL525 Chain Galvanised 5mm 25M 160kg £77.00£92.40 Toolbank
FAICHGL615 Chain Galvanised 6mm 15M 250kg £67.20£80.64 Toolbank
FAICHGL810 Chain Galvanised 8mm 10M 450kg £87.04£104.45 Toolbank
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