Adjustable Spanners

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Since the jaws of an adjustable wrench will adjust to suit various sizes of bolt and nut head, they are particularly useful when only a limited number of tools can be carried or kept in a tool kit.

This Chrome-Vanadium steel wrench is forged, hardened and tempered with a matt black phosphated finish.

An ideal general maintenance tool.

Wrenches are designed to withstand the maximum leverage generated by muscle power. Hammering or mechanical levering can cause a failure of the wrench.

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FAIAS150 Adjustable Spanner 150mm (6in) 23mm £10.89£13.07 Toolbank
FAIAS200 Adjustable Spanner 200mm (8in) 25mm £12.04£14.45 Toolbank
FAIAS250 Adjustable Spanner 250mm (10in) 30mm £17.77£21.32 Toolbank
FAIAS300 Adjustable Spanner 300mm (12in) 36mm £20.05£24.06 Toolbank
FAIAS375 Adjustable Spanner 375mm (15in) 45mm £44.11£52.93 Toolbank
FAIAS450 Adjustable Spanner 450mm (18in) 57mm £68.18£81.82 Toolbank
FAIAS600 Adjustable Spanner 600mm (24in) 65mm £114.57£137.48 Toolbank
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4 out of 5

Tool Team Tested

A good quality adjustable spanner ideal for any trademan's tool kit.

Reviewed by Faithfull Tool Team - Nick Westlake

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