36W SMD LED 360 Degree Pole Light 3000 Lumens

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The Faithfull LED Tripod Pole Light has many great features that offer a unique solution to lighting on the move with 336 SMD LEDs that provide 3000 lumens of light to a radius of 360°. The lamp is compact, lightweight, portable and is maintenance free with a low power consumption which remains cool to the touch while in use. The pole light features a built-in tripod enabling the lamp to be set up in seconds.

The 900mm opal polycarbonate diffuser lens is impact and scratch resistant, providing a safe glare-free bright light that illuminates the workplace.

The addition of a power outlet allows the light to be used in series or in conjunction with a power tool. Fitted with a detachable shoulder strap and 3 metre cable fitted with an approved plug.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Total height: 1250mm

Maximum Power Outlet Load:
240 Volt: 3,000 Watt
110 Volt: 1,760 Watt

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FPPSLLED36U LED Pole Light 3000 36W 240V 3M £180.05£216.06 Toolbank
FPPSLLED36UL LED Pole Light 3000 36W 110V 3M £180.05£216.06 Toolbank

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