Car Battery Charger 9-160Ah

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This versatile 8amp/140W maximum rated battery charger is designed for use with both 6V and 12V lead acid batteries, with a capacity of between 9 – 160Ah. The charger features a voltage selection switch that can be set to charge either 6 or 12 volt batteries, along with an ampere switch to select the desired rate of charge (fast or slow). The analogue dial provides an accurate readout as to the batteries state of charge and may also be used as a battery tester when not connected to the mains. The charger has many safety features including overheating, short circuit and over current protection, is double insulated and CE approved.

• For 6V and 12V batteries
• Thermal overload protection
• Short circuit protection
• Over current protection
• Analogue voltage dial
• Power supply voltage: AC 220~240V 50Hz
• Output voltage: DC 6V/12V
• Charging current:
• High Rate 5.6 Adc equal to 8 Amps RMS
• Low Rate 2.8 Adc equal to 4 Amps RMS
• Battery capacity: 9Ah - 112Ah
• Battery tester function

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Bought this battery charger from a local shop after my old 8amp charger burnt out .my motor home battery ( engine ) was completely flat battery is 200amp hrs but this little charger did the trick running from a portable generator in 2hrs had enough charge to start engine. I was careful to check and stayed with it not wanting this to go same way.

Thank you faithful for saving me over £100 on a more powerful charger that local car part firms wanted to charge.

If you had a 20amp charger for a little more cost then that's what I would have purchased.

Thank you for a great little item did what its says on the box

Reviewed by Alan Atkin on April 26, 2017

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