Wooden Hay Rake

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This wooden rake is based on the traditional haywainers pattern, with a wide head and long reach for gathering straw, hay or grass.

It has 16 dowelled peg teeth fitted to a 1.7M (66in) shaft with an iron stay.

Width: 73cm (29in)

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I bought this hay rake on Amazon because I couldn't find one in the US. It arrived well ahead of schedule, despite crossing the Atlantic and the North American continent. It was well packaged and was delivered flawlessly.

I took the time to oil it before assembling it. After letting the oil soak in for a day, I glued it together, and attached the stay. Finally, I was able to use it today for the first time.

I'm very well pleased; it is exactly what I needed to do the job, and it only startled my ducks and geese for a few minutes as they assisted me in scything and collecting their hay for the winter.

Reviewed by C Kirsten Whitworth on October 7, 2017

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