Stillson Wrenches

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The 'Stillson' wrench is designed so that when pressure is applied, all the stress is transmitted through the hooked jaw and adjusting nut to the handle jaw, without the frame bearing any significant load. All parts are forged from high quality steel and are heat treated to ensure maximum strength. The teeth on each jaw oppose one another to enable a ratcheting action to be applied as the nut loosens and frees off.

Wrenches are designed to withstand the maximum leverage generated by muscle power. Hammering or mechanical levering can cause a failure of the wrench.

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FAI STIL8 Stillson Type Wrench 200mm (8in) 27mm £13.14£15.77 Toolbank
FAI STIL10 Stillson Type Wrench 250mm (10in) 34mm £17.83£21.40 Toolbank
FAI STIL12 Stillson Type Wrench 300mm (12in) 44mm £19.57£23.48 Toolbank
FAI STIL14 Stillson Type Wrench 350mm (14in) 51mm £22.31£26.77 Toolbank
FAI STIL18 Stillson Type Wrench 450mm (18in) 60mm £30.39£36.47 Toolbank
FAI STIL24 Stillson Type Wrench 600mm (24in) 76mm £49.03£58.84 Toolbank
FAI STIL36 Stillson Type Wrench 900mm (36in) 102mm £132.18£158.62 Toolbank

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