Box Spanner Set 6 Piece 8 -19mm with Tommy Bar

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A six piece set of double ended box spanners complete with tommy bar, bright plated for corrosion resistance. The set includes the twelve most popular sizes which are ideal for use by both tradesmen and home users. These spanners are particularly suitable for automotive repair jobs and plumbing maintenance work and include most of the commonly used spanners for plumbing backnut applications.

Set contains:

8mm & 9mm Box Spanner
10mm & 11mm Box Spanner
12mm & 13mm Box Spanner
14mm & 15mm Box Spanner
16mm & 17mm Box Spanner
18mm & 19mm Box Spanner
Tommy Bar

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1 Question


How long is each spanner ?

Asked by Keith on March 12, 2017, 3:06 pm


8mm & 9mm Box Spanner - Length: 115mm

10mm & 11mm Box Spanner - Length: 127mm

12mm & 13mm Box Spanner - Length: 132mm

14mm & 15mm Box Spanner - Length: 134mm

16mm & 17mm Box Spanner - Length: 149mm

18mm & 19mm Box Spanner - Length: 164mm

Answered by Faithfull Tools on March 13, 2017, 8:59 am