Flexi Head Ratchet Spanners CV

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These chrome vanadium spanners have flexible ratchet heads, which can turn through 180 degrees, allowing them to be used in more awkward to reach places at any angle.
Each spanner has a 72 fine-tooth mechanism. A useful arrow illustration is etched in the spanner to indicate the direction of torque.

180 Degree head for access into tight places.
5 Degree Fine Ratchet Mechanism.

One Of The Largest Ranges Of Ratchet Spanners Available!

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FAISPARAT8 Ratchet Spanner 8mm £8.80£10.56 Toolbank
FAISPARAT9 Ratchet Spanner 9mm £8.95£10.74 Toolbank
FAISPARAT10 Ratchet Spanner 10mm £9.66£11.59 Toolbank
FAISPARAT11 Ratchet Spanner 11mm £10.32£12.38 Toolbank
FAISPARAT12 Ratchet Spanner 12mm £11.42£13.70 Toolbank
FAISPARAT13 Ratchet Spanner 13mm £11.70£14.04 Toolbank
FAISPARAT14 Ratchet Spanner 14mm £12.94£15.53 Toolbank
FAISPARAT15 Ratchet Spanner 15mm £14.06£16.87 Toolbank
FAISPARAT16 Ratchet Spanner 16mm £14.57£17.48 Toolbank
FAISPARAT17 Ratchet Spanner 17mm £15.66£18.79 Toolbank
FAISPARAT18 Ratchet Spanner 18mm £17.38£20.86 Toolbank
FAISPARAT19 Ratchet Spanner 19mm £17.95£21.54 Toolbank
FAISPARAT20 Ratchet Spanner 20mm £20.62£24.74 Toolbank
FAISPARAT21 Ratchet Spanner 21mm £22.13£26.56 Toolbank
FAISPARAT22 Ratchet Spanner 22mm £22.52£27.02 Toolbank
FAISPARAT24 Ratchet Spanner 24mm £25.60£30.72 Toolbank
FAISPARAT30 Ratchet Spanner 30mm £33.27£39.92 Toolbank

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4 out of 5

Good quality spanner. Easy to use. A great feature is the 180 degree head for access into tight places.

Reviewed by Faithfull Tool Team - Nick Westlake

Excellent customer service - In November 2012 I purchased a Faithfull 6 piece ratchet spanner set. My first use of them was May 5th 2013 when I discovered that the 13 mm ratchet ring end was too small for a 13 mm nut. I measured both ends of all the spanners in the set with a Vernier calliper and found all correct except the 13 mm ratchet end would seem to be designed to fit a 12 mm nut. Contacted the company by email on 8th May and had reply within four minutes with apology and promise of replacement on their receipt of my address. Replacement arrived in post Sat 11th May.

Reviewed by Brian Donnelly on May 11, 2013

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