Sliding Bevels

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Quality hardwood stock, finely machined and shaped with brass end caps.

The blued spring steel blade can be locked in position by means of a brassed wing nut.

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FAISB712 Sliding Bevel 190mm (7.1/2in) £13.93£16.72 Toolbank
FAISB9 Sliding Bevel 230mm (9in) £15.20£18.24 Toolbank
FAISB1012 Sliding Bevel 270mm (10.1/2in) £17.72£21.26 Toolbank

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1 User Review

Really good sliding bevel! I have owned many in my time and they have either broke or have been overused! This one is reliable and will last a life time! Love Faithfull equipment!

Reviewed by Billy Elbrow on January 1, 2015

1 Question


Why is the blade on a sliding bevel cut at 45 degrees? What function does it serve?

Asked by Stephen Wood on February 19, 2015, 11:06 am


It allows you to set the bevel right into a corner when it is on an angle.

Answered by Alistair R WILSON on March 1, 2017, 8:06 am