Multi-Function Rope

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A general purpose white Polypropylene rope suitable for a variety of applications in the home and workplace.
It is available in three sizes and supplied on a handy hasp.

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FAIRW3030H Multi-Function Rope 3mm 30M White 13kg50kg £4.11£4.93 Toolbank
FAIRW4020H Multi-Function Rope 4mm 20M White 30kg100kg £4.72£5.66 Toolbank
FAIRW6020H Multi-Function Rope 6mm 20M White 60kg200kg £7.00£8.40 Toolbank

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Bought from amazon to replace a halyard on a flag pole. After a few weeks it snapped and could be pulled apart with bare hands.

As a rope I would never buy again, as a way of losing flags it's a winner.


Reviewed by David Bell on August 22, 2016

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