Router Bit TC Radius

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The manufacturing specification for Faithfull router bit cutters ensures that they are suitable for use by all professional tradesmen, craftsmen and conscientious DIY enthusiasts.

Every Faithfull router cutter tip is made from tungsten carbide, brazed onto a steel body and designed to cut a wide variety of timber and abrasive material such as MDF and plywood. With careful handling and under normal conditions, they will outlast HSS grade cutters many times. These top quality cutters will ensure an excellent finish and provide the user with long lasting and reliable service.

Tungsten carbide cutting edges are ideal for DIY and professional use. Produces the perfect radius groove on coving, fluting, picture frames and edge moulds when working with softwoods, hardwoods, MDF and plywood.

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FAIRB61 Router Bit TC Radius 6mm 15mm 3mm 1/4in £6.49£7.79 Toolbank
FAIRB62 Router Bit TC Radius 10mm 18mm 5mm 1/4in £7.28£8.74 Toolbank

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